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Advanced Orthopaedic Physical Therapy is a state-of- the-art private practice offering a variety of comprehensive physical therapy services focused on the individual. Your care is our highest priority.
Our physical therapists are part of the nation’s top 3% of Board Certified Orthopaedic Physical Therapists. Many have advanced certifications including Orthopedic Clinical Specialist (OCS).
Our Physical Therapists are available Monday-Friday by appointment and can see you before or after work as needed. Please call 502-412-4486 to schedule your appointment.
Physician referral is not required for the state of Kentucky, since it is an open access state for physical therapy. (Medicare patients require a referral)


"The staff is awesome!"

"I have been treated for several sports injuries. The individual treatment has helped to get me playing my best."

"The therapists have done a super job ..."

"of engaging my 2 year old in her treatment, and they provided me with creative ways to further her progress at home. She looks forward to seeing the staff and doing her "exercises" with them!"

"The quality & personalization of the treatment & care is ..."

“second to none. I have been to other therapists; where you feel like a number. Here, whether you see the same physical therapist each time or a different one; they all know your case and treat you like family. By the end, you know things have been done to help you maximize your recovery.”

"Everyone is extremely knowledgable."

"They consult with each other to assure they are in target with their treatment. They allow you to stay and work on your exercises as long as you wish and they watch to see if you are doing them correctly. They call the day before to remind you of appointment. It was out of network for my insurance, but I would go back in a minute, if needed."

Happy Patients
Exceeded patient’s expectations per AOPT written patient satisfaction survey.
Return to work, sports or higher functional levels.
Patients refer to their friends, family and return for any future needs.
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