"The orthotics have made a huge difference in my life."

"I came to Advanced orthopedic physical therapy for evaluation and therapy of lower back pain. A colleague of mine recommend AOPT very highly and now, I have been a patient at AOPT for 2 years. From day one, my experience has been extremely positive. The front desk staff is always extremely nice and pleasant to work with both in person and on the phone. The practice as a whole is very flexible in appointment scheduling and meeting the patients' needs. Julie performed an extremely thorough evaluation of my back and whole musculoskeletal system; this was more comprehensive than an evaluation done for me at a Doctors office. She dedicated over one hour of one on one time, took meticulous notes, and most importantly displayed compassion and empathy while also having a good understanding of my issues. She devised a detailed physical therapy plan specifically for me on day one and showed me how to do each exercise correctly. Shortly after implementing her therapy recommendations, my back pain began improving significantly. Even after my back pain improved, the whole AOPT team continued to evaluate my progress, and they actually figured out that I have slightly uneven legs and flat feet contributing to my back pain. Once again, after discovering the problem, Julie had a plan in place and custom fit me for an orthotic. The orthotics have made a huge difference in my life. I can now stand all day at work and operate without suffering from back pain. I am grateful for the due diligence and superb care provided by Advanced Orthopedic Therapy. They have provided me with the tools necessary to maintain good musculoskeletal health."

  • Minesh Mehta, MD
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